WATERJAM! 20 Seconds Edition – OUT NOW!

WATERJAM! 20 Seconds Edition is out now on itch.io!


YOU are Jamoulis (Jah-moo-lees), a worker in a factory that specializes in creating Waterjam, a special kind of Jam that, when mixed with Water, creates a drinkable glass of water! What an invention! 

On this faithful day, the Waterjam Reactor gets too jam-packed with Waterjam for its own good, putting YOU in a jam! The Jam Room’s filling up with Waterjam, and the inconveniently placed gigantic electric coils are going to make the atmosphere too electric to handle! 

Your objective: Get out in 20 seconds! 

Previous Waterjam employees missed the taste of regular jam and hid fruit all around the facility. Can YOU find all the hidden fruit while also making it out alive?

WATERJAM! is a 20-second fast-paced platformer game created by WeJamminGames for the #20SecondGameJam of 2022. 

WASD to move. Spacebar to jump. Mouse1 to Pickup/Throw. Mouse2 to drop. Throw is directional and can be charged. 

Controllers are supported and work in browser!

Play it NOW on itch.io!